F1 Teams Standings 2024

F1 Teams Standings 2024

PosteamF1 TeamDriversPoints
1Red BullVerstappen & Pérez373
2FerrariSainz & LeClerc302
3McLarenNorris & Piastri295
4MercedesHamilton & Russell221
5Aston MartinAlonso & Stroll68
6VCARBRicciardo & Tsunoda31
7HaasMagnussen & Hulkenberg27
8AlpineGasly & Ocon9
9WilliamsAlbon & Sargeant4
10StakeBotas & Zhou0

Racing to Glory: Formula 1 Team Standings 2024

The Ultimate Showdown: Formula 1 Team Standings 2024

As the engines roar to life for the 2024 F1 season, beginning with the Bahrain Grand Prix, the stage is set for an electrifying spectacle of speed, skill, and strategy. At www.formula1review.com, we bring you to the heart of the action with the Formula 1 Team Standings 2024. This is where the drama unfolds, where every team’s ambition of supremacy is put to the test against the backdrop of the world’s most prestigious motorsport championship.

alfa romeo f1 f1
Valteri Bottas 77 | Zhou Guanyu 24

Kick Sauber Stake - C44

Team Base: Hinwil, Switzerland

Daniel Ricciardo 3 | Yuki Tsunoda 22


Team Base: Faenza, Italy

alpine f1 f1
Pierre Gasly 10 | Esteban Ocon 31

Alpine - A524

Team Base: Enstone, United Kingdom

aston martin f1 f1
Fernando Alonso 14 | Lance Stroll 18

Aston Martin - AMR24

Team Base: Silverstone, United Kingdom

ferrari f1 f1
Charles Leclerc 16 | Carlos Sainz 55

Ferrari SF-24

Team Base: Maranello, Italy

haas f1 f1
Kevin Magnussen 20 | Nico Hulkenberg 27

Haas VF-24

Team Base: Kannapolis, United States

McLaren f1 f1
Lando Norris 4 | Oscar Piastri 81

McLaren - MCL38

Team Base: Woking, United Kingdom

redbull racing f1 f1
Max Verstappen 1 | Sergio Perez 11

Red Bull - RB20

Team Base: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

mercedes f1 f1
Lewis Hamilton 44 | George Russell 63

Mercedes - W15

Team Base: Brackley, United Kingdom

williams f1 f1
Logan Sargeant 2 | Alex Albon 23

Williams - FW46

Team Base: Faenza, Italy

Team Triumphs: Unveiling the 2024 Contenders

In Formula 1, every constructor’s team is a blend of innovation and precision, racing not just for victory but for eternal glory. The Formula 1 Team Standings 2024 encapsulates the essence of this relentless pursuit. From the seasoned giants to the ambitious newcomers, each team’s journey through the season is a tale of triumphs, setbacks, and relentless determination. As points accumulate race after race, the standings are a testament to the teams’ collective efforts, strategic brilliance, and technological mastery.

The Battle Beyond the Track: F1 Constructor Standings

The F1 Constructor Standings are more than just a scoreboard; they are the battleground where engineering excellence meets strategic genius. With every Grand Prix, as teams vie for supremacy, the standings morph, reflecting the ebb and flow of fortunes. The constructor with the zenith of points at season’s end is crowned the Constructors’ Champion, a title sought after with fervor equal to that of the drivers’. On www.formula1review.com, follow the Formula 1 Team Standings 2024 to witness the unfolding saga of constructor clashes, where every race could pivot the course of the championship.

Deciphering Destiny: The Point System Unraveled

The heart of the F1 championship saga lies in its point system—a meticulous tally that rewards consistency, courage, and capability. From the victor’s 25-point haul to the single point for tenth place, each point is a story of perseverance, a moment of glory. As the season edges towards its climax at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the anticipation skyrockets. Here, in the twilight race of Yas Marina, the final points are awarded, destinies are sealed, and the Formula 1 Team Standings 2024 receive their ultimate validation.

Epic Conclusions: The Final Chapter at Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix stands as the grand finale of the Formula 1 calendar, a decisive battle under the stars where the final standings are etched into history. As teams push beyond limits on the Yas Marina Circuit, every overtake, every strategic call, every second saved in the pits could tilt the scales in the championship. It’s a spectacle of nerve-wracking intensity, where the Formula 1 Team Standings 2024 reach their crescendo, crowning the constructors and drivers who have transcended the challenges of a grueling season to emerge as champions.

Join us on www.formula1review.com as we chronicle this thrilling journey through the Formula 1 Team Standings 2024. From the season’s start to its breathtaking finish, be part of the saga where heroes are made, legends are born, and the spirit of Formula 1 burns brighter than ever.

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