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F1 F1 Teams

alfa romeo f1 f1
Valteri Bottas 24 | Zhou Guanyu 77

Alfa Romeo - C43

Team Base: Hinwil, Switzerland

alpha tauri f1 f1
Liam Lawson 40 | Yuki Tsunoda 22

Alpha Tauri - AT04

Team Base: Faenza, Italy

alpine f1 f1
Pierre Gasly 10 | Esteban Ocon 31

Alpine - A523

Team Base: Enstone, United Kingdom

aston martin f1 f1
Fernando Alonso 14 | Lance Stroll 18

Aston Martin - AMR23

Team Base: Silverstone, United Kingdom

ferrari f1 f1
Charles Leclerc 16 | Carlos Sainz 55

Ferrari SF-23

Team Base: Maranello, Italy

haas f1 f1
Kevin Magnussen 20 | Nico Hulkenberg 27

Haas VF-23

Team Base: Kannapolis, United States

McLaren f1 f1
Lando Norris 4 | Oscar Piastri 81

McLaren - MCL60

Team Base: Woking, United Kingdom

redbull racing f1 f1
Max Verstappen 1 | Sergio Perez 11

Red Bull - RB19

Team Base: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

mercedes f1 f1
Lewis Hamilton 44 | George Russell 63

Mercedes - W14

Team Base: Brackley, United Kingdom

williams f1 f1
Logan Sargeant 2 | Alex Albon 23

Williams - FW45

Team Base: Faenza, Italy

Formula 1 Teams 2023: An Epic Clash of Titans and Legacies

Step into the arena of the 2023 F1 season, where 10 illustrious Formula 1 teams vie for the Constructors’ Championship. The air thick with anticipation and past rivalries, every team is a blend of history, technology, and racing genius.

Defenders and Challengers: A Saga in Motion The reigning monarchs, Red Bull, having tasted ultimate victory, now guard their throne with fervor. With the same iconic driver line-ups from 2022, they’re set to clash with formidable adversaries. Ferrari, with its scarlet passion, and a reinvigorated Mercedes, are both on the prowl, ready to reclaim the glory that was once theirs.

2022 bore witness to a seismic shift. Red Bull’s RB18, with the stellar duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, blazed a trail with 17 wins in 22 races, a dominance unseen in a decade. The spotlight, however, wasn’t solely theirs. The giants of Mercedes, with legends Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, faced an unfamiliar challenge. Encounters with the new ground-effect regulations saw them navigate unforeseen terrains, culminating in their lowest rank since 2012.

Yet, every story has its silent heroes and dark horses. The Ferrari pair, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, enter this year’s battlefield with renewed vigor, especially under the watchful gaze of their new commander, Frederic Vasseur at Maranello.

Dive deeper to discover more about these 10 Formula 1 teams. From their driver line-ups to moments that defined them, the accompanying photos and videos paint a vivid tapestry of their grand journey in the world of F1. Embrace the drama, the strategy, and the heartbeats that echo through every race.

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