Denis Hulme

  • Born: June 18, 1936, in Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Initial Career: Began racing in 1956 in hillclimbs, driving an MGTF.
  • European Debut: Moved to Europe in 1960, competing in Formula Junior and Formula 2.
  • Work with Jack Brabham: Started working at Jack Brabham’s garage in 1961, marking the beginning of their long friendship.

Formula 1 Career

  • Debut: Joined Formula 1 in 1965, driving for the Brabham team.
  • First Full Season: In 1966, he completed his first full F1 season, consistently finishing on the podium when he completed races.
  • World Champion: Shocked the racing world by winning the F1 World Championship in 1967, beating favorites like Brabham, Jim Clark, and Jackie Stewart.
  • Move to McLaren: Joined McLaren in 1968, founded by his fellow countryman Bruce McLaren. Despite wins in Italy and Canada, finished 3rd in the championship.
  • Final Years in F1: Continued with McLaren until 1974, winning his last Grand Prix in Argentina in 1974.
  • Career Overview

    • Nationality: New Zealander
    • Active Years in F1: 1965 – 1974
    • Teams: Brabham, McLaren
    • First Grand Prix: Monaco 1965
    • Last Grand Prix: USA 1974
    • World Championships: 1 (1967)

    Career Stats

    • Total Grand Prix: 112
    • Wins: 8 (7.14% win rate)
    • Podiums: 33 (29.46% podium finish rate)
    • Pole Positions: 1 (0.89%)
    • Fastest Laps: 9 (8.04%)
    • Career Points: 248
    • Points Per Grand Prix: 2.21
    • Average Finish Position: 4.79 (when not retired)
    • Average Grid Position: 7.25
    • Total Laps Led: 436
    • Total KM Led: 1,917
    • Total Laps Raced: 6,240
    • Total KM Raced: 29,545

    Additional Notable Achievements

    • Non-World Championship Race Involvements: 28
    • Hat Tricks: 2 (winning a race from pole while setting the fastest lap)
    • Retirements: 33 (29.46% retirement rate)
    • First Victory: Monaco 1967
    • Last Victory: Argentina 1974

    Hulme’s career is notable for its consistency and his unique achievement of winning a World Championship with relatively fewer wins compared to other champions. His driving style and approach were highly respected in the paddock, and his contributions to both the Brabham and McLaren teams were significant.

Denny Hulme Stats

Formula 1 career overview of Denny Hulme from 1965 to 1974. The graph displays his performance metrics across various seasons, including his number of wins, podiums, pole positions, fastest laps, and retirements. ā€‹

Other Racing Ventures

  • Can-Am Series: Excelled in the Can-Am series, winning the championship in 1968 and 1970.
  • Post-F1 Career: Briefly returned to racing in the 1990s.

Legacy and Death

  • Death: Tragically passed away due to a heart attack during a race in Bathurst, Australia, on October 4, 1992.
  • Legacy: Remembered as a gritty and determined racer, respected for his no-nonsense approach and consistency on the track.

Denny Hulme’s career was marked by his versatility across different racing formats and his understated yet effective driving style. His achievements in both Formula 1 and the Can-Am series have cemented his place as one of the greats in motorsport history.

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