Tony Brooks

Tony Brooks: A Prominent Figure in Formula 1’s British Success

Early Career and Entry into Motorsport

Tony Brooks, initially pursuing a career in dentistry, began his motorsport journey in 1952 behind the wheel of an Austin-Healey. Over the next few years, he competed in minor races across Britain in a Frazer Nash. His recognition as a driver surged in 1955 when he achieved notable victories in an Aston Martin at Le Mans, the Tourist Trophy, and the Avon Trophy. A significant triumph at the non-championship Syracuse Grand Prix in a Connaught marked the first major victory for a British driver in a British car since Sir Henry Segrave’s win in 1924.

Formula 1 Debut and Early Success

In 1956, Brooks joined BRM for his first World Championship race at Silverstone, which nearly ended his career due to a crash. Later, racing for Rob Walker, he secured a win in a Formula 2 event. The following year, Brooks moved to the Vanwall team, making an immediate impact with a second-place finish at Monaco. A shared victory with Stirling Moss at the British Grand Prix and a fastest lap in Italy were highlights of his season.

The Peak Years: 1958-1959

Brooks’s potential fully materialized in 1958, with Vanwall emerging as a strong contender. Securing his first pole at Monaco and winning the Belgian, German, and Italian Grands Prix, he finished third in the championship. His efforts contributed significantly to Vanwall’s Constructors’ Championship win. In 1959, now with Ferrari, Brooks continued his impressive form, winning the French Grand Prix and achieving a hat-trick at the AVUS circuit. Despite narrowly missing the World Championship, he secured the position of runner-up.

Final Years in Formula 1

Brooks joined the Yeoman Credit Racing Team in 1960, racing a Cooper-Climax. Despite a competitive season, he couldn’t reach the podium. His stint with BRM in 1961 saw him achieve a podium finish at Watkins Glen, marking the end of his Formula 1 career as he decided to retire at the season’s end.


Tony Brooks, known for his smooth driving style and gentlemanly demeanor, remains a significant figure in the era when British drivers began to dominate Formula 1. His contributions to the sport are remembered as a blend of skill, sportsmanship, and pioneering spirit.

tony brooks

Detailed Statistics of Tony Brooks’ Formula 1 Career


  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Born: February 25, 1932, Dukinfield, Cheshire
  • Died: May 3, 2022, Ottershaw, Surrey
  • First Grand Prix: Britain 1956
  • Last Grand Prix: USA 1961
  • Best World Championship Ranking: 2nd in 1959

Career in Numbers

  • Total Involvements: 41
  • Total Grand Prix: 38
  • No Starts: 3
  • Seasons: 6 (1956 – 1961)
  • Constructors: 4 (BRM, Vanwall, Ferrari, Yeoman Credit Racing Team/BRM)
  • Engine Builders: 4
  • Models Driven: 7

Race Wins and Podiums

  • Total Wins: 6 (Winning Percentage: 15.79%)
  • Pole Positions: 3 (Pole Percentage: 7.89%)
  • Fastest Laps: 3 (Fastest Lap Percentage: 7.89%)
  • Total Podiums: 10 (Podium Percentage: 26.32%)
  • Hat Tricks: 1

Laps and Distance

  • Laps Led: 133
  • Kilometers Led: 1,268 km
  • Total Laps Raced: 1,600
  • Total Distance Raced: 9,485 km

Average Performance

  • Average Starting Grid Position: 6.56
  • Average Finishing Position: 5.05

Retirement Data

  • Total Retirements: 19 (Retirement Rate: 50.00%)

Point Scoring

  • Non-World Championship Involvements: 33
  • Points in Non-World Championship Races: 75
  • Points per Grand Prix: 1.97
  • Average Points per Season: 12.50

Highlights and Notable Achievements

  • Tony Brooks is remembered for his remarkable victories, especially in the 1958 season where he was a major contender against the dominant Ferrari team.
  • His 1959 season with Ferrari saw him almost clinching the World Championship, showcasing his exceptional driving skills.


  • Tony Brooks’ career in Formula 1 is marked by his consistency, racing prowess, and contributions to the British dominance in the sport during the late 1950s. His legacy as a skilled and gentlemanly driver lives on in the history of Formula 1.
Attribute Detail
Nationality United Kingdom
Date of Birth February 25, 1932
Place of Birth Dukinfield, Cheshire
Date of Death May 3, 2022
Place of Death Ottershaw, Surrey
First Grand Prix Britain 1956
Last Grand Prix USA 1961
Best World Championship Ranking 2nd in 1959
Total Involvements 41
Total Grand Prix 38
No Starts 3
Seasons 6 (1956 – 1961)
Constructors BRM, Vanwall, Ferrari, Yeoman Credit Racing Team/BRM
Engine Builders 4
Models Driven 7
Hat Tricks 1
Non-World Championship Involvements 33
Points in Non-World Championship Races 75
Legacy Skilled and gentlemanly driver, significant contributions to British dominance in F1 during the late 1950s

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